The moment my love affair with jewelry began is clearly etched into my memory. My mother was having a 'home party' of some sort. I was supposed to be in my bed asleep, but instead, I wandered into our dining room where the most beautiful, sparkly things I had even seen were displayed. My mother showed me a necklace designed for little girls, of course I adored it. It showed up as a gift later and I still have it, proudly displayed six decades later. Its little pink, blue and yellow flower clusters on a gold filled background is a sweet memory.  Growing up, the jewelry pieces I was given or purchased have been my very favorite accessories, treasures to keep and appreciate for a lifetime.

I come from a family of very creative women and talented artists in a number of fields. We have encouraged each other in all of our avenues, from pen and ink, oil painting, pottery, my mother's magical crochet needle, and my sister, the master of the written word. After navigating the fickle world of wedding photography for 35 years with Shivley Photography, I was ready for a new venue. Being hopelessly addicted to beautiful old things, my love of jewelry, and appreciation of fine craftsmanship, thus ZoftigDoll Vintage Bijoux was born.

It is very satisfying to me to take some lovely old thing about to be discarded and give it new life and purpose. Antique pocket watches are a favorite as well as coins. It is my hope these unique pieces become family heirlooms for the next generations to appreciate.

More of my work can be found on my website at

Zoftig Vintage Jewels

(Jan Shivley)