Tara Seals, a native Memphian, is the Proprietor of Body Decor Boutique (www.BodyDecorBoutique.com), an e-commerce boutique specializing in unique garments, eclectic wearable art, handcrafted bow ties, pocket squares, and canvas painted masterpieces.

In the World of Body Decor, she promotes and supports women around the world to love the skin they are in and more importantly to have self-love, self-respect, and become SELF-FULFILLED. Designing, modeling, styling and the world of fashion has been apart of my life from the age of 8. From wood to leather to gorgeous printed fabrics, each piece is unique and 1 of a kind…truly made with love! Feel free to visit her website…the World of Body Decor awaits you!

Tara Seals

Wearable Art / Jewelry