We are a mother/daughter team (Debbie & Rachael) based in Memphis, TN.

As the "mom" part of the Reillume team, this business has a two fold meaning for me. I love the aspect of taking something headed for the trash and making it into something that someone will treasure. It is also a second entering or "relighting" for me. When my daughter Rachael was just 7 years old I owned a candle business. Some of you may remember HoneyBee's Gift Gardens. The entire business was a family affair and even at 7 years old, Rachael had her part of getting the candles ready for shipping. It is exciting to see this second phase of the candle business with her as my partner and co-owner

As the daughter part of the team, this is a brand new and exciting experience for me. It's my first opportunity to gain the experience of running my own business. I have to admit there's a lot more to running a business than I anticipated. I love the relationships that are being built with the owners of the local restaurants and the people that are interested in our products and what we are doing as a business. There have been so many friends and family members that have supported us in this new adventure. I am grateful for their love and encouragement. I'm looking forward to this journey.


(Debbie & Rachael McKay)

Hand crafted candles and accessories