Join Memphis Arts Collective

To apply for membership in the Memphis Arts Collective, print and mail a completed membership application (download as .pdf) and $15.00 (non-refundable) application fee to:
    Memphis Arts Collective
    PO Box 111407
    Memphis, TN  38111
Art/craft work photographs may be emailed in order to complete the application process.


  • Applications for membership, including a presentation of work by the applicant at one of our quarterly meetings, must be complete before membership is considered. Download the application form (as .pdf).
  • Applications must include the application fee. Membership will not be considered until application and application fee is received. Application fee is non-refundable.
  • Acceptance into membership is by quorum vote of the Collective members. 
  • Applicants do not need to be an artist or craftman to be elligible for membership but should have a devoted interest in local art and craft.

Members are expected to attend all quarterly meetings and be an active participant in the organization.  Quorum votes are required reviewing other artists for membership consideration, decisions regarding event planning, charity organization considerations, financial statements and reviews, and for the collective’s general operations, so participation is of extreme importance.  

Members are expected to serve on at least one committee:  Community Outreach/Education, Marketing/Public Relations, or Special Events.


  • Opportunities to participate in community outreach, as well as charitable and  volunteer activities as a group collective
  • Voting privileges for development, goals, new member inclusion, and planning activities
  • Presence on Memphis Arts Collective website, artist page and direct link to artist’s personal website
  • Use of the Memphis Arts Collective’s credit card account for personal shows
  • Member’s name listed on marketing, advertising and public relations pieces
  • Inclusion at exclusive Memphis Arts Collective “Members Only” events & shows
  • Automatic inclusion at Collective “open participation” events without jury process
  • Participation in Collective group booths at art & crafts events hosted by other organizations
  • Networking opportunities with gallery owners, business & gift shop owners, other artists & crafts-people, and key influencers
  • Minimal booth fees (or no fees) at Collective sponsored and non-sponsored events
  • Discounted booth fee at the annual month-long Holiday Artist Market & Show
  • Access to booth/show needs (equipment lending, vendors, etc)


  • Artist Membership                  – $85/year
  • Associate Membership           – $85/year
  • Student Membership              – $40/year
  • Scholarship Membership        – one (1) offered per year

All membership fees are due by March 1st for the period Jan 1 through Dec 31st.  Late payment may disallow inclusion in upcoming shows or booth discounts.  If a specific need or extension is required, exceptions by quorum vote would be considered.

Artist Memberships are $85.00 per year, and entitle member to all benefits offered by Memphis Arts Collective, including discounted booth fees.

Associate Memberships are recommended at $85.00 per year and are for those persons who may not be an artist or craftsperson, but have a devoted interest in local art and craft. Memphis Arts Collective is registered with the IRS as a 501(c)(3) corporation and all donations to the Collective are tax deductible. Associate members would be updated on all upcoming events and workings of the collective, but would not hold voting membership or artist presence at events.
Student Memberships are $40.00 per year, and proof of student status is required (do not have to be an art student to qualify). Student memberships entitle member to all benefits offered by the Memphis Arts Collective, including discounted booth fees. The student member is required to fully participate in all quarterly meetings, voting issues, and shows, as well as serve on at least one committee, and attend chosen committee meetings. This membership offering gives students a chance to participate in local art collectives and begin networking and mentoring opportunities offered through the Memphis Arts Collective with area artists and craftspersons.
Scholarship Membership is offered to one person per calendar year.  Letters of application for scholarship including bio, photo samples of art/craft, and information regarding specific need requirements are due to the Memphis Arts Collective board by November 1st each year for consideration.  Scholarship recipient will be notified by January 1st of acceptance, and would be entitled to all member benefits, including discounted booth fee for one full calendar year.  (Memphis Arts Collective reserves the right to offer more than one scholarship per year due to donations designated specifically for scholarship participation.  If this is the case, review of received letters of scholarship request would be reviewed and voted by quorum of membership at quarterly meeting.  Scholarship would be awarded effective immediately.) Scholarship memberships have same participation requirements as Student memberships.