After discovering the wonders of comic storytelling at an early age, first in newspaper strips and then in monthly comics from DC and Marvel, Dale Martin began writing and drawing his own original cartoon creations and has never stopped! For him, the mixture of words and pictures is the most satisfying form of creativity: as “Li’l Abner” creator Al Capp said, “no artist who can write should avoid words; no author who can draw should avoid drawing.”

While Dale's main body of work can be found in printed comic collections and online (most notably his weekly “Watusi the Talking Dog” strip), he also applies his cartooning aesthetic to paintings and prints. His work in all media expresses his interest in making images in a direct fashion that doesn’t hide the hand-drawn aspect of his cartooning.

Dale has exhibited at comic, book, and art festivals in five states; locally his comics can be found at 901 Comics in Cooper-Young or via his website and online store.

Dale Martin