As long as I can remember, I was brought up doing art projects with my mother. As I earned three degrees in Science, I also became increasingly concerned about recycling previously used items to make new artistic projects and using scientific equipment to create innovative artistic designs. Furthermore, being a single-parent for over thirty years, I learned that marketing these art projects were not only a creative outlet but also a viable means to supplement my income.

For my glass ornaments, I use pipettes to insert acrylic paint by the drop into the ornament. I then use an assortment of spinning methods to cause the paint to spread in slightly concentric patterns. The size of the droplet of paint, its weight, the speed of the turning motion and even the temperature of the room all influence the final design of colors created inside each ornament.

In my clothing designs, I tend towards the fashion styles of the 60’s and 70’s creating backless halter tops and sundresses, patchwork and A-line skirts, shorts, pants, and full aprons from natural fabrics like cotton and hemp. Occasionally, I make headbands, hair bows, and purses to match the clothing. I also create hats, scarves, jackets, and other assorted items from recycled Eco-fleece which is made from recycled plastic soda bottles.

My work can be found at local festivals and at the Memphis Arts Collective Holiday Artist Market.

Cindy Uphoff