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Chuck's Retro 

 Chuck Parr

Vintage Art and Accessories

Chuck Parr is a singer, actor, song writer, story teller and dancer who was born in Dallas, Texas, raised in Denver, Colorado, and now calls Memphis, Tennessee his home. Chuck attended Littleton High School in Littleton, Colorado, graduating in 1979.  Upon completing high school Chuck began studying  vocal technique, with Stephen Sweetland at Lorretto Heights Performing Arts College in Denver. 

In 1982 Chuck relocated to Chattanooga, Tennessee with his family.  He continued performing with little theatre roles and a gig at the Chattanooga Choo Choo as a singing waiter.  In 1982 Chuck followed the “Blues” to Memphis and began singing with local bands including “Lee Baker and the Agitators”, “Cracka’ Funk”, “The Ryzomes” and most recently with “Jungle Room”, whose CD can be purchased at Cat’s Records (midtown) and Davis Kidd Booksellers.

In 1996 Chuck was introduced to the Center For Arts Education and The Memphis Arts Council. Chuck began working as a teaching artist in schools throughout the city and county.  In 1998 Chuck was asked to serve as lead teaching artist at Bruce Elementary School, which he did for two years. Chuck has worked in over fifty schools in Memphis, Shelby County, and Crittendon County in Arkansas. Above all Chuck possesses the art of “communication”, which has made him a favorite teaching artist with students and teachers alike.
In 2002 Chuck attended a song writing class, being taught by Michael Ching, Artistic Director of Opera Memphis. The following year Chuck began training, learning how to facilitate Michael’s song writing method. In 2004 and 2005, Chuck worked with the Memphis Public Library’s Summer Arts Program, helping students to understand  the history of the “Blues” and to write their own “Rhythm and Blues” songs.  

Presently, Chuck is working with “Arts Advantage” as a teaching artist, with Opera Memphis as a song writing facilitator, and as a Wolf Trap, artist mentor to kindergarten teachers, in West Memphis, Arkansas.  

Chuck has been buying and selling 1920’s through 1960’s art and household items since he was a teenager.