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Candace Jefferies


Each piece of jewelry by Candace Jefferies is an original design individually handcrafted by the artist. Candace’s use of a great variety of materials and techniques results in creations that can be eclectic, elegant, sophisticated, fun or funky. Her collections include precious metals and gemstones, glass, synthetics, vintage, found and recycled items.

Candace grew up in New York City but has lived in and loved Memphis for over 30 years. In the antique and vintage business, Candace became fascinated by the duality of jewelry as art and function and the symbolism and great significance it has in our personal lives and stories.

Although largely self-taught, Candace studied under several nationally acclaimed jewelry artists. Candace is a juried member and former board member of the Memphis Arts Collective. Her work has been exhibited & sold locally at the Midtown Artist Market & Gallery, Wearable Art & Gifts, Made In Memphis Shows, Pink Palace Arts & Crafts Fair, and numerous other venues, events & shows.

Candace always designs her jewelry to be comfortable to wear and enjoyed for a lifetime. Most pieces can be adjusted for length and size. Custom pieces and designs may be requested.

“Jewelry is an expression of so many things in our lives—love, loyalty, honor, faith—all the things that make life significant. To be able to create something that someone finds such a personal connection to is a wonderful feeling.”—Candace Jefferies