Angi Cooper has been sketching, painting, doodling, cutting, sewing, beading, gluing, crafting, crocheting, and collecting all manner of media, clip art, toys, junk, doo-dads, vintage books, scrap metal, boxes, and the most wonderful kinds of ephemera since she was a small child. Remember that plastic Cinderella figurine that came with the pink Cinderella watch? Yep, she still has it. The watch, however, got killed by the lawn mower one summer afternoon.

Although she received her B.F.A. in Graphic Design, Angi really enjoys manipulating her various collections and media into novel collages, mixed media assemblages, and repurposed items including dolls and hats made from sweaters. Some pieces include original writings and narratives in the composition and occasionally, she creates works that have lights or moving figures. Animals are also favorite subject matter—cats, dogs,  and birds in particular.

Rest assured, she has passionately doodled, brainstormed, turned the light on at 3 a.m. to write or sketch an idea, checked out as many CD’s from the library as possible for good studio atmosphere, prodded her palette to wake-up, shuffled through mounds of paper, dug through boxes of goodies and scraps to achieve some wonderfully delicious small feat: to create a work of art.

Angi Cooper

Multi Media