The Memphis Arts Collective is a non-profit membership organization dedicated to supporting the creative endeavors of Memphis and Mid South artists and craftsmen and to engage them in helping others in our community. The Memphis Arts Collective believes a city with an active and involved art & craft community provides a higher quality of life in that city for all its residents.  

The founding members of the Memphis Arts Collective saw that there were few opportunities for area artists and craftsmen to sell their work locally on a regular basis. Most existing venues were not organized with the interests of the artist and community as a priority. In August of 2006, these members banded together to provide more "artist run" opportunities and to do so at a minimal cost to the artists. Since that time, the Memphis Arts Collective has held a variety of successful events each year including gallery and home shows, artists and craft markets and other special events.  We further increase our exposure by regularly participating as a group in many art and craft events sponsored by other organizations.  Our own signature event, the month long Holiday Artist Market is held every December.  With its diversity of high quality artists and craftsmen, the Market is a popular community event with a loyal and ever increasing customer base.   

The Memphis Arts Collective recognizes that an important component of enhancing the quality life for its members and for the Memphis Mid South community is to "give back".   Most of our events incorporate sponsorship of a local non-profit group or charity in need. Previous charities we've sponsored include MIFA, Central High School Band, The National Transplant Foundation, Caritas Village, and the Baron Hirsch School. We also volunteer as a group to assist other non-profits with their events such as the Gallery 10 Art Auction at WKNO Public TV. 

Memphis Arts Collective members come from diverse backgrounds and are involved in a wide variety of mediums and interests including fine art, functional and decorative art, fashion, jewelry, organic products and vintage art and collectibles. You can check out the work of our talented members on their individual gallery pages. Or come to one of our events to meet our member artists in person, view their work and see our organization in action. 

The Memphis Arts Collective is funded through membership dues and proceeds from Collective events and activities.  Funds collected are used soley for the Collective's day to day operating expenses, event and community activity expenses and not for individual or organization profit. The Memphis Arts Collective is a small, member-driven organization. Members have equal say and share in deveolping goals, planning and facilitating the Collective's mission. Membership meetings are held quarterly and active participation is expected of all members.

Membership in the Memphis Arts Collective is open to Mid South area artists, craftsman, supporters of local art and craft and other interested persons and supporters of local art and craft.

Interested in joining? See our Membership page for more information and an application.